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 Welcome to Knights Domain Chess a celebration of Knighthood and the Knights Templar known as the poor Knight’s of Christ and guardians of Jerusalem.  A military unit founded in France and declared by Pope Honorius ll in 1128 as the army of God, they fought the Muslims for control of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem during the Crusades.  This elite order was later disbanded by the French King and Pope Clemente V by papal bull in 1312...   
                                            Ages 10-Adult.  A Game for all ages.

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The Legend
The legend is that nine Knights formed the original order; the game has eight Knights and a King, as anyone could serve as the King. There is no Queen to protect the King. No Bishops to intercede or rooks to bank on. There are three pawns.

The game has three battle formations played on three differently colored boards, the golden
board is the battle ground for the Knights Templar.

This  order headquartered in Jerusalem, whose role was the protectors of pilgrims , and seekers of the Holy Grail.


     The Knights of Columbus, the legend of the mariner Christopher Columbus, celebrated in an opening where the Knights have left port. This is the second opening formation.
 This order was prosecuted in the 1920's in the New World. There are no bishops to intercede; the sickle is with the grim reapers, the pawns. This battle ground is a purple board.

Knights of the Round Table. The best Knights of King Arthurs domain  lived in his castle called Camelot. In this opening the Knights surround the King in his Vale.
No castling in this game, no rooks no Camelot, no place of refuge.  In this third opening formation played on a green game board, is completed a round of Knights Domain chess, for the best of three.  The battle is for God and country.  Death is swift.  Joust!

             Cross Formation Matrix
                   Unleash Your Creative Mind                              
                 Addictive Fun game of wits.

K nights Domain Chess offers cross formation playing a feature unique in strategy board games..   Here Knights of Columbus plays white against Knights Templar. Unparalled Fun.   Joust!
The cross formation Matrix makes this the  ultimate game of knights chess. Here KnightsTemplar plays white against Knights of the Round Table.  Just wits and cunning required.  Joust!
Unique cross formation matrix results in  an addictive  fun game. Here The Knignts of the Round Table plays black against the Knights of Columbus. Relive the Crusades and joust!