The Ultimate Knights Chess. Relive the Crusades
The Ultimate Knights Chess Game.
 Relive the  Crusades.   Joust with the Knights Templar in a simplified chess game of  wits and addictive fun. Download our free app.
The Medieval Knights originally known as the Poor Knights of Christ, Guardians of Jerusalem,  and as the Knights Templar, are celebrated in this ultimate all Knights chess game. Set in the city of Jerusalem and Solomon's Temple. Enjoy simplified and biblical chess. Christ noted quote  “From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and violent men take it by force”   (Matt.11:12 NASB)   Players defend the city of Jerusalem. The rules are simple vanquish or be vanquished. Joust!  
The King directs the battle from his own Vale. Here the order of the Knights Domain of King Solomon exercise their domain on a mystical 72 square board to which they hold the keys. Joust!
Ages 10-Adult.  Play Knights Domain Chess on line and joust with the heart of a lion!

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The Legend
The legend is that nine Knights formed the original order; the game has eight Knights and a King, as anyone could serve as the King. There is no Queen to protect the King. No Bishops to intercede or rooks to bank on. There are three pawns.

The game has three battle formations played on three differently colored boards, the golden
board is the battle ground for the Knights Templar.

This  order headquartered in Jerusalem, whose role was the protectors of pilgrims , and seekers of the Holy Grail.

    Knights Templar                  Knights Columbus                 Knights Round table                                                                               

Knights of Columbus, the legend of the mariner Christopher Columbus, celebrated in an opening where the Knights have left port. This is the second opening formation.
 This order was prosecuted in the 1920's in the New World. There are no bishops to intercede; the sickle is with the grim reapers, the pawns. This battle ground is a purple board.

Knights of the Round Table. The best Knights of King Arthurs domain  lived in his castle called Camelot. In this opening the Knights surround the King in his Vale.
No castling in this game, no rooks no Camelot, no place of refuge.  In this third opening formation played on a green game board, is completed a round of Knights Domain chess, for the best of three.  The battle is for God and country.  Death is swift.  Joust!

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In Knights Domain the emphasis is fun!  No computers, no cheating.  Memorized openings,  end games and chess theories will not help here.  Players compete on a level playing field. This chess variant is simple and easy to learn and more difficult to master. This is the free chess game in the app.
Knights Domain is the ultimate game of knights chess. A chess variant with a fresh look at new ways of critical thinking and problem solving, using familiar patterns of traditional chess.   Just wits and cunning required,
Knights Domain  is a simpler and quicker playing variation of chess.  Each player has 8 knights 3 pawns and a king.  Checkmating the King is done primarily with the coordinated use of multiple knights. The result is a much shorter and intense  fun  game. Not for the timid.  Joust with the heart of a Lion.